These corny jokes will make you laugh out loud

The boy got a brand new truck for $50

Because they knew what a new F-250 cost.


He told them, “this one cost me only fifty dollars.”


The father said, “do you take me as a fool, who would sell a truck for as low as fifty dollars?”


The body said, “it was this lady in the street” I don’t know her but they bought a house next door and moved in a couple of days ago. She saw me skating outside and asked me if I wanted to buy her Ford F250 for fifty dollars.”


“OMG!” says the mother. “Maybe she has stolen it or she is mentally ill. Michael, you better go and see what’s going on.”


So Jimmy’s father walked up to that house to meet the lady and he saw him watering her flowers calmly.


He introduced himself as the father of the boy whom she sold the truck for fifty dollars and asked her why did she do it.


She said, “A week ago my husband left on a business trip to Europe. Today morning I got a phone call from his office and found out that he went to Vegas with his secretary.”


The man said, “OMG, so sorry. But I am confused what does that have to do with you selling the truck to my son?”


“Well, an hour ago he called me and told me he lost his wallet with all his cards and cash. He needs money on an urgent basis and wanted me to sell his truck as soon as possible so I did it.