These corny jokes will make you laugh out loud

Little Sophie has a dirty mind



I will go talk to my parents about this and get you fired from here!”


Mrs.Parker ignored her and asked the same question again to the class, “Upon stimulation which body part increases its size by 8 times?”


Little Sophie couldn’t believe the teacher. She said to other classmates, “does she not care about anything? Are you looking for a trouble miss!”


The teacher ignored her again and said to the class, “Can anyone answer my question?”


After a pause, Andrew raised his hand and stood up, he looked at the teacher and class nervously and answered, “upon stimulation, the body part that increases eight times its normal size is the pupil of the eye.”


Mrs.Parker said, “Very well, John” she then turned to Sophie and said to her, “I have three things to say to you: One you forgot to read your homework. Two, your mind is really dirty at such a young age.


And three, “you are going to be a big disappointment to your family one day.”