10 unbelievable selfies of all time

If you are one of those who loved to take selfies, then you must be aware of how it’s difficult to take the best one. Taking selfies and sharing them on social media has become an art. But some people are going too far when it comes to taking selfies.

Here are some of the people that took a selfie-and lost their lives. We are sure you might have seen these pictures on social media too. All of them come with different stories, and you will be really amazed to hear the stories about them.

All of them have different stories, but one of them is Liza whose story we have mentioned below.

She is Liza. Her favorite thing was to take selfies, and this was the reason she lost her life in taking a selfie. Not just that, it was her first selfie; she was taking these types of selfies from the past few years. The last selfie she took was on Mountain, which was perhaps the last selfie of her life.


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